Pharmaceutical Purified Water Systems


We provide   Purified Water Generation, Storage and Distribution Systems for over 25 years.

Manufacturing Facilities in Mumbai spread across 20,000 sq.ft and have over 3000 installations in over 25 countries

Each system is custom made and designed considering all the parameters in minute details and with the same passion and dedication, whether its capacity is 100 l/h or over 25m /h. All PW systems meet EP,USP and other regulatory guidelines and ensure the production process, product quality and profitability. The systems are GMP-compliant and conform to FDA and ISPE requirements.

PW systems are pre-tested, validated, compact and ready-to-use. The compact, package unit designed on a stainless steel skid, are specifically adapted to the high TDS water and offers all purification technologies, such as:

  • Automatic Sand and Activated carbon filters
  • Duplex softening units with optional hot water sanitization Demineralization systems Ultrafiltration units with 6000 Daltons
  • Cut off Hot water sanitised able electrode ionisation units
  • UV Disinfectant (TOC reduction and Germicidal)
  • Single or two-pass Reverse Osmosis
  • ORBITAL welded SS316L tubes State-of –the-art PLC technology 21 CFR part 11 compliant control panels and validation software

We Offer:

Data logging and validation software as a standard feature for all its purified water systems.

Some of its features are:

  • Simulation of all the processes through a diagram and data logging of all the important parameters
  • Multi-level login and password protection for different shifts.
  • Remote monitoring the whole system through a computer.
  • Capture data directly from equipment online
  • Offline Data Download to PC; Data Back-up
  • Menu driven graphical user interface
  • Generates Log Reports, Special Alarm Reports and Graphical Analysis.

After the purification of PW or HPW, engineering of the customer-specific storage and distribution system takes place, so product water can be delivered to each point of use in the sterile distribution system without recontamination. The entire distribution system is be made of 316L stainless steel tubes, which are orbitally welded together with a surface quality from Ra

Services we provide

Complete Inhouse Manufacturing Facility for Generation and Storage Systems.

Complete Documentation which Include Qualification.

Documents, Test Certificates , Manuals and Distribution  Certificates.

In house Service and Piping Team “”

Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are systems designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting. We design, develop, manufacture, supply, and install Mobile and Fixed CIP & SIP Units for
sanitization and sterilization. The units are custom made, modular, skidded in automated or semi-automated Models as per the required time cycle for cleaning and Sterilization of portable to large fixed Multi-Tank system Sterilization of portable to large fixed Multi-Tank system Tank/ Tank less system.

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